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Unlike other companies that simply make claims, The Rankerz SEO strategy produces results. We are one of the fastest growing Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization company in Pakistan because we understand that our clients employ us to deliver profitable results.


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If you have just started out on the internet, we can understand your inability to spend a fortune on digital marketing. Our SEO packages are very reasonably priced and you pay a fraction of what other companies charge.

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We at Rankerz make use of only white-hat optimization techniques to earn an increased traffic and rank for your website. We make sure that the traffic generated is 100% organic and targeted and our strategies do not offend Google or other search engines.

SEO Audits

Our SEO audit process is based on accessibility, indexability, on-page ranking factors, off-page ranking factors and competitive analysis. There are many seo analysis tools available but we focus on Google and Bing webmaster tools as our diagnostic tool.

Best Link Techniques

At Rankerz we provide powerful and affordable link building service. We prefer manual link building rather than using automation tools to create backlinks. We only create links on related and high authority websites. Achieve top ranking with our latest trending SEO Packages.

Quick Support

We believe in prompt and efficient services to our clients. We are there 24X7 for our clients, standing behind them to look after their queries and removing their complaints. You can fill our contact form and our representative will contact you to answer your queries.

We Are More Then a SEO Services Company

Our Services Include Logo/Web Designing and Web Development, Search Engine Marketing, Reputation Management, Social Media Optimization/Marketing, SEO Training and other Digital Marketing Services

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What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the service of improving the quality and quantity of your website traffic through organic web search engine results. It excludes the PPC results/traffic and refers only to the enhancement of unpaid search results.

In simple words, if you have optimized the content of your webpage, for the topic searched and if search engines find them relevant or if they think that is the best result, search engines will demonstrate your content on top of the result page.

All search engines have one goal, and that is to show the best optimized and relevant content to the visitors.

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    About Rankerz SEO Company Pakistan

    What Is SEO And The Role Of An SEO Services Company?

    SEO Definition

    Search Engine Optimization is relatively easy to understand, even if it's hard to implement. It's the process (which can take many steps) of changing the visibility for a web page or website within the search engine's natural results. When you search for something, you often see the 'ad' options first. Companies pay for these spots.

    Why It Should Be Natural?

    The search engine is where everyone goes to find information in Pakistan. Generally, you want it to be natural and not have to pay for two primary reasons. One, you want to save money and cut marketing costs. When people can easily find your website, they have no issues, and you didn't have to do anything to bring them to the site.

    For another, most consumers don't trust companies in Pakistan that show up in the ad areas. It's within everyone's nature to scroll down past those without looking at them.

    What Options Are Available?

    Our Goal

    Though all top Search Engine Optimization companies are different, most of them offer similar services. The goal is to get the search engines to rank you higher because you're doing all the right things. The SEO company in Pakistan is going to know all of the right things to do.

    For example, Rankerz SEO focuses on SEO audits, optimization, best link techniques, and more. These services in Pakistan are what many in the area need. It helps your website fare better on search engines, regardless of the brand or name.


    The best SEO services are those that use white-hat techniques. In the industry, this buzz word means that we only use appropriate practices that many other companies use. This ensures that we aren't doing anything 'illegal' in the world of search engines. There are tactics out there that could be damaging. SEO services in Pakistan should always be safe and provide organic results.

    Plus, we can help you target your audience. The best SEO experts out there are those who listen to the client, find out what they need, and then provide the best service for their website.

    The strategies we use never offend any search engine. That way, you know that your information is going to be shown to those throughout Pakistan from your website. This can include web designing, marketing services, access to SEO consultants, keyword research, and much more. Of course, local SEO services can deliver the best results. Make sure that you are relevant to the clients you attract!

    SEO Audits

    Many people want to use digital marketing to showcase their website and services. Of course, to do that effectively, you need to focus on search engine optimization. That way, when people search for services and products you offer, they automatically see your information first. The SEO agency you hire should perform a basic audit of your website. This focuses on on-page and off-page ranking factors, accessibility, competitive analysis, and indexability.

    The best SEO services in Pakistan are going to use a variety of analysis tools to ensure that your Pakistan small business is searchable through the top search engines.

    Best Link Techniques

    Rankerz SEO provides affordable and powerful link-building options, as well. In fact, we do as most other SEO experts in Pakistan. We use manual link building instead of automation tools. This helps create useful and appropriate backlinks that are highly relatable and placed on authority websites only. That enables you to achieve the top ranking, and all you have to do is use our SEO services.

    Quick Support

    Of course, you don't have to handle the SEO services when you hire an SEO agency in Pakistan. We do all of that and focus on your website for you. Still, you may have questions or an issue with something. Our SEO agency is always available for our Pakistan customers.

    Attract More Customers

    SEO services are used to bring more people to the website naturally. They search for something, see your information at the top of the first page (or anywhere on the first page), and visit your site. Generally, consumers don't think about SEO or how it helps them get what they need. That's on your end. When SEO is used correctly, you naturally attract more website traffic.


    Search Engine Optimization is an easy way to boost online business and get people to see you. Of course, SEO helps with brand awareness and optimizes all aspects of the website. If you are struggling and not seeing as much business, it could be time to choose an SEO package. Contact us to discuss your SEO solution with a representative today.