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We believe in planning and strategizing before implementing SEO. We are not inclined to any trial and error approach. We have a team of experts for keyword research. We target keywords and then also perform competitor audits to remove any single chance of mistake.

We Write

We believe the right content can lead you through all odds. We have experts in content writing. We do not only write but also optimize. We are against adding too many keywords just for optimization. Instead, we take up matters smoothly and place keywords only where needed.

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We are result driven company that only believes in giving the best to the client. We have capabilities n SEO and SEM. Rankerz is an expert in On-Page Optimization, Google Analytics, Link Building, Reputation Management, etc.

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Why Do We Call Our Self The Best SEO Company in Pakistan?

SEO Optimization

Content Optimization

We, at Ranerz SEO, use white-hat optimization techniques to increase traffic to the website. We find the best keywords that can rank you better on search engines. We make sure the generated traffic is organic. Everything is planned before implementation, from keyword to content writing and optimization, so a search engine cannot impose any penalty.
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SEO Audits

Our SEO audit is based on accessibility, indexability, on-page ranking factors, off-page ranking factors and competitive analysis. Many SEO analysis tools are available, but we focus on Google and Bing webmaster tools. We compare with competitors; identify and rectify any potential problem hampering the site to grow and appear in top SERPs.
SEO Link Building

Link Building Services

At Rankerz, we provide robust and affordable link-building services. We do create internal and external links too. We believe giving the site authority is quite essential, which could only be done well through a proper linking process.
Reputation Management

Reputation Management

We believe in prompt and efficient services to our clients. We are 24/7 available for our clients, standing behind them to look after their queries and remove their complaints. You can fill out our contact form, and our representative will contact you to answer your queries.

We Are More Then a SEO Company

Rankerz SEO Pakistan is a leading digital agency with more than 20 years of experience in Search Engine Optimization, web development, web designing and social media marketing. We believe in a customer-first policy with talented SEO experts and creative web designers. If you are new to the digital playground, we can help you prosper. Whether your eCommerce store or a corporate site, we provide SEO services for all. We believe in long-term association, and this is possible only when our clients are happy and satisfied with our efforts.

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Why Our Customer Praise Our Digital Marketing Services?

Top Rankings

We optimize the website through well research keywords and well-written content so that search engines cannot ignore the site at any cost.

High Traffic

We make sure that the design of your site is attractive and the content is compelling to make your visitors spend more time on the site.

Team of Experts

Rankerz has a professional team of Search Engine Optimization experts who are best at doing everything. Our team manages everything astutely, whether web development, keyword research, or content writing. The efforts can be seen in terms of higher conversions on your website.

Online Support

Our experts are ready to help. You just have to choose how you want to contact us. We are online 24x7 on Email, Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, Facebook and Call.

Long Term Relationship

We follow the policy of customers first. We believe in long-term association, and this is possible only when our clients are happy and satisfied with our efforts.


We respect privacy. We have a firm privacy policy. All our agreements with SEO clients remain confidential. We are against disclosing any single chunk of information.

Affordable SEO Packages

Our SEO services are not so expansive. We have affordable pricing search engine optimization packages for our clients. We also provide customized packages according to competition analysis.

SEO Packages

Synopsis of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Where Problem Lies!

If your business hasn't accepted digitization, it will be outcasted soon. To turn your business into a digital market, you need a website. But this is not enough. You need traffic as well.

Imagine a business owner dealing with everything online but not knowing how to reach a target audience. You must have made a website; designed it aesthetically, but there is no single user at your site. Now, what will you do?

Also, many sellers or service providers are beginners. They do not even know any initial of search engines and their policies. What should such people do?

All that an owner could do is find a reliable SEO strategy. You need to rank your website against all targeted keywords. For SEO strategy, you need someone who can work on them. Here comes our role. We can help you out! Whether a beginner or not, we have affordable SEO packages to bring your product on top.


In the empire of Search Engine Optimization, content is a king. Google seriously looks for this part. It includes writing, videos, audio files, slides, etc. Content is one of a part of our professional SEO services. None of the clients have ever complained about any rejection.

URL inspection

Google also analyzes URLs. Though many neglects, the link or URL of site or article or blog is quite important to let the whole come over top pages. Also, the URL should be stable means the robots or crawlers can analyze the entire site quickly.

Site stability is essential to examine how effortless it is for robots to crawl the sites, whether shorts or long keywords. Our search engine optimization company does understand which kind of URL suits the best website. We analyze then only create them for better ranking.

Social Media Marketing

Social media like Facebook YouTube have become an integral part of overall SEO. Google bots also recognize if you have any marketing and how many people are sharing your page, and so on.

No violation

Google has always come up with new policies, upgrades and updates of algorithms and crawlers. In case of any violation, Google takes serious notice, and probably your ranking has also been affected.

This violation could include overuse of keywords, copyrighted content, lack of content, etc. However, we are well aware of Google's policies. We provide affordable SEO services within; any policy violation has zero-tolerance.


Google looks for trust. This means how many visitors are visiting your website. For how long they are staying at your pages. Also, if there is no security issue and the website is completely secured and encrypted well against all breaches and malware. Also, Google checks links of a site on other places, which are usually described as the site's authority.

Through SEO services, you can rank high on search engines; whether it's Google or Bing, you will get non-stop website traffic. Though Google automatically adds your website to its database in weeks or days, manually submitting it to Google can lower down chances of error.

Manually, if you submit your website to Google, you will soon start receiving tips from Google Search Console about improving the website blogs, articles and so on.

Follow simple steps and submit your website to Google

  1. Find or create the sitemap.
  2. Submit your sitemap to Google Search Console.

Must be thinking about what SEO is? Simply speaking, "SE " stands for search engines like Google or Bing. "O" stands for Optimisation means making the best use of resources (keywords, links). Assembling the term "Search Engine Optimization" means coming on top through various techniques on search engines.

When you type of query, for instance, "what is SEO," many web pages certainly open at Google, you must have clicked and read-only sites coming on top. None want to go to 50 pages of Google and read about SEO. Everyone prefers reading only from the top pages. Here is how SEO plays its role.

It helps you rank on top pages; generate traffic for your website, and increase ROI. This is just a start. A lot more come into the deep sea of SEO. Google constantly changes its algorithms; so do the techniques changes. Mere targeting keywords won't help unless you have understood the science altogether.

Many SEO companies in Pakistan are providing SEO services with an aim to bring you on top of the list; we are leading with expertise and technical understanding. We will handle all your SEO-related tasks and rank you on major search engines. Your website will be ranked highest within 6 to 8 months.

  • Local SEO
  • Publishing/News SEO
  • Ecommerce SEO

Keyword Research - We target audience

Our Search Engine Optimization services include keyword targeting. People search for different words. These words, phrases, or sentences are all keywords helping to optimize and rank the website on top pages. Keyword research is analyzing and finding the right keyword based on search volume.

Keywords can be long-tailed, mid-tailed and short-tailed. Some have high search volume while others have low. Even keywords are also distinguished based on their difficulty. Let's say some keywords are tough to rank some are easy. Do not worry; Rnakerz has a solution. Whether easy or challenging, we can play on every field, target the right audience and augment accuracy.

SEO Audit - We evaluate best practices

SEO audit is a practice to identify and compare how well you perform compared to competitors. Through SEO audits, one can find potential issues hampering the ranking and can resolve them quickly. It helps to improve the site. It also evaluates the reasons behind the invisibility of your site and makes it correct.

We believe SEO Audit should connect all dots. Our experts do conduct audits continuously to get better results. In an SEO audit, we do indexation analysis, page speed, the structure of site and URL, sitemap, breadcrumbs, domain issues, mobile research, desktop analysis, keyword, meta description, etc. We conduct SEO audits on demand, bi-weekly, weekly or monthly.

Technical SEO - We have a science of ranking

Search Engines work with the following steps:

  1. Search Engine crawlers look for and read new content
  2. During the indexing process, these crawlers find new links or URLs and index them to their database
  3. Once the URL is indexed, the crawlers match it with the user search query, which is ranking

This is where the technical SEO deals with. It will provide you with everything required for search engine crawlers. We also offer a commendable technical SEO framework to all our clients, including sitemaps, site structure, schema markup, mobile and desktop friendliness and URL structure.

Content Writing - On-Page Optimization

Now, here comes the critical part - Writing. Convincing writing is quite essential for any website. If a visitor does not find the content interesting and compelling, chances are there nothing will be sold out even on top pages.

Even this could happen, well effective content may make up the mind on the spot to purchase your product or service. All this depends on the content. We are the only providers of SEO services in Pakistan who know how, where and what to add to the content.

Sometimes, targeting many keywords adversely affect the content; it seems synonymized and disruptive. Resultantly, Google will analyze well and lower the ranking of keywords. So, the written content should be well devised, carrying all targeted keywords placed at the correct position.

For e-commerce websites, we prefer doing copywriting. Small but well-structured description generates high sales. Also, our experts write clear, concise and concrete content understandable by all.

Link building - Off-Page Optimization

Linking is quite crucial for any website in SEO services. No matter how good you are at targeting keywords, you won't be able to position until other sources reciprocate your existence.

It is a process of building and adding hyperlinks for search engines to navigate your sites through different means, hence increasing your visibility.

Not only this, linking gives authority to your page. If your site's hyperlink or a keyword-targeted topic appears on a famous site, it significantly impacts your existence. We have three types of links in the link-building process; backlinks internal and external links.

Backlinks: All links coming to the site from outside is backlinks. For instance, Google links Rankerz SEO

Internal Links: Links within the website. Link of Rankerz service page

External Links: Links going outside the site. Rankerz links Google on its page.

We do internal linking from the site's own highly converting pages. We also create backlinks through guests postings, press releases, forums and social media marketing.

Devising an SEO strategy is crucial as it is a result-orientated and target-driven approach. The perfect SEO strategy should be made under the guidelines of the following points.

  • What is your target market?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Which medium is suitable? (We suggest both Desktop and Mobile SEO)
  • What is the search intent? (the audience searching for)
  • Which social media platform is preferable for marketing?

Boost your position in or

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Search Engine Optimization Agency?

    SEO is not a single service; it's a complete department. A single person cannot deal with its procedures completely. Many in the market preferred moving to a single person for on-page and off-page SEO; however, they ended up disappointed when things didn't go well as per their pace.

    This is because everyone can never be good at all. So, for this, people look for SEO agencies. SEO agency, like Rankerz SEO, provides a complete solution to all your ranking problems. We have a dedicated team to deal with every specific area of SEO.

    Why Do You Need SEO Services for Website?

    You will need SEO services to bring any website on top and generate more traffic. However, you cannot manage everything alone. SEO is a challenging task if you are a beginner, dealing with all critical and most minor yet essential aspects. Leaving a single point behind may cost up to a heavy amount and slowest the website's growth.

    To save from such hectic efforts, you can hire an SEO agency. Rankerz is also a leading SEO firm that has already given services to many satisfied clients. We are familiar with on-page SEO, off-page SEO, digital marketing, content writing and many more.>/p>

    Do you offer a guarantee?
    Google keeps on changing its policies in all new updates, which means things are pretty unpredictable. Maybe your website is at the top, but a recent update comes with a policy discouraging certain practices, which automatically drops the ranking. So, we obviously cannot guarantee anything, yet being SEO gurus, we know how to manage all irregularities.
    Do you outsource work?
    We believe in attracting talent to our company and then relying on outsourcing. Our team of SEO experts in Pakistan is well trained; we do not need to outsource our work then. We cannot look after someone working as a freelancer, so we prefer in-house or on-site jobs to outsource.
    Do you provide social media services?
    Being an SEO company, we provide all kinds of services. SEO is incomplete without social media services. We provide that too. Whether guest posting or social media marketing, our team can manage everything.
    What is the best SEO company in Pakistan?
    Many companies are operating in Pakistan and internationally providing SEO services. Rankerz is also one of them and is providing commendable services to many satisfied clients. We have a team of experts dedicated to specific tasks. We prefer to be proactive than reactive so we devise our SEO strategy beforehand to refrain from any mistakes.
    Can you help websites with a Google penalty?

    Sometimes the position of your website is suddenly dropped, and your ranking keeps on decreasing; this means Google must have imposed some penalty upon you. Google usually penalizes a website in two ways:

    1. The spam team of Google can find an issue in the website and drop the ranking. It usually occurs when they identify and detect any unnatural link.
    2. Google update algorithm which also drops down your ranking
      • Panda updates focus on content
      • Penguin update focus on backlinks

    Firstly, we do not let Google impose any penalty because with work extra cautiously. Secondly, if it does, we identify, rectify and resubmit the fixed website with Google for consideration. If you are also facing Google Penalty, you may contact us anytime. We will improve your ranking by removing all odds against Google's policies.

    How do you conduct keyword research?
    Keyword research is the first step for any business dealing online. We use multiple tools for keyword research. We determine keywords basis on their volume and relevancy. We try to get keywords that are easy to optimize and rank. We work on long-tailed, medium tailed and short-tailed keywords. Every single keyword contributes to giving you a competitive edge over the competitors.
    Will you work with Ecommerce sites?
    Being an SEO service provider agency in Pakistan and worldwide, it gives services to nearly all kinds of places, whether corporate, small, or eCommerce sites. Every eCommerce store or website comes with a set of challenges. The security risks are higher compared to other websites so do the competition.
    Are you a White Hat Search Engine Optimization firm?
    White Hat SEO is any practice for improving the website's ranking by staying under the terms and conditions of search engines like Google and Bing. We believe in transparency, so the client is saved from any penalty. We strive to give our clients an edge over others through White Hat SEO practices.
    Can SEO increase my sales or leads?
    Yes, search engine optimization increases sales and leads. If you have an eCommerce store, an affiliate website or a site bringing lead generation, if it comes over the top, you can quickly sell your product or service to earn money and leads. With SEO, we can also provide you with digital marketing services assisting you to come over top pages to augment your sales and ROI.
    Do you have website audit services?
    Yes, being the best SEO company, we do not offer anything. We will devise a proper SEO strategy for your website from scratch till the end. We do provide website audit services. We will perform an audit of competitor sites and then suggest potential improvements at your location.
    What countries will you optimize for?
    Being one of the firms that provides the best SEO services, we work in nearly all countries. We are based in Karachi, Pakistan, but provide services to Lahore, Islamabad, and all other cities of Pakistan. Similarly, we offer services in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, UAE, Australia, Canada, Philippines, etc.
    How long does it take to get SEO results?

    The right SEO result depends on the quality and the time one is giving. But we must say, with SEO, patience is highly required. It's a long-term project. You cannot get results in one or two days but needs a lot of time to be on top.

    Plus, after the Covid times, the competition has increased, which means we now need a lot of time and the perfect strategy to compete with people. So, it usually takes up to 6 to 8 months if things go well, depending on the competition level.

    Does my business need SEO?
    First of all, if running online, your business needs an eCommerce store, a marketplace, or a website. Now, once you have decided, you need to make a website. Then you can move to SEO. So hypothetically speaking, yes, every business needs a website SEO. Your company also needs SEO. The customer base will grow and earn quite well if you rank on top.
    What is the ROI of SEO as a legitimate business?
    You can get Return over Investment in 6 to 8 months after launching your website if the SEO has done well. SEO does take time to bring out an investment in the process because it is a long-term process. Everything should be dealt with technically for search engine optimization, from keyword research to backlinks.