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When you are focused on SEO (search engine optimization), you need a company with which you feel comfortable. The people you work with you should be reliable, trustworthy, and on- point. Often, it’s hard to select the right team, but at Rankerz SEO, we offer the services that you require.

You can see the many options available below. Also, you can mix and match to find the right services to meet your particular needs.

Designing Services

Designing Services

Logo Designing, Web Designing & Web Development
Optimization Services

Optimization Services

Local SEO, E-Commerce SEO, On-Page Optimization & Link Building
Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Press Release Submission, Social Bookmarking & Search Reputation Management

Digital Marketing

Social Media Optimization/Marketing & Complete Digital Marketing Services

Services Provide by Rankerz SEO Pakistan

Designing Services

Logo Designing

With Logo designing services from us, you can create and enhance your identity as a business. We’re a renowned company and have many satisfied customers, including startups and small companies. Having the best logo is a crux for many entrepreneurs. You have to put in so much information in a small amount of space.

Our creative professionals know what works, how to make it unique, and listen to you. That way, you get everything you want.

Of course, your logo is going to be on everything you do on behalf of the company. It is your brand, and it’s what identifies you within the industry. Our logos are designed to express your core values in various ways while adding depth and style. They can shape the brand’s story while taking functionality and aesthetics into account.

When you allow our team to design your logo, you are going to get:
  • Continuous support
  • Proven work standards
  • Full satisfaction
  • High-resolutions
  • Customization

Whether you’ve never had a logo before or you want to modernize your current one, we can help. Once it’s designed, we can also make sure it fits for all types of needs. These can include:

  • Letterhead
  • Envelopes
  • Brochures
  • Business cards
  • Banners
  • Magazines
  • E-books
  • T-shirts
  • Signage
  • Much mor

Of course, it can also go on your website, and we optimize for SEO and marketing needs, as well.

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Web Designing/Development

It is time to go above and beyond the cookie-cutter website. You want a site that drives traffic, generates leads, and offers conversions. Of course, e-commerce platforms should also be integrated so that users can quickly buy what they want without having to go to a store.

Web design isn’t just about including a contact-us and about-us page (though you should have those). No, we think it’s about communication. You are using your website to talk about your products, what they do, and how they benefit the customer. Converting your leads is essential because that is how you get sales.

It’s best to adopt a CTA strategy. The call-to-action has to guide the user through the brand’s story to the products or services and make them want it. However, you can’t be pushy or rude to get there, and things have to be subtle.

The interface (what the visitor sees) and their experience on the site have to make them want to engage, take action, and then convert to being a customer. To do that, you need blogs and a variety of other content to reach out to them.

Do you have a website currently? If not, you need one. Those who do have a site may want to redo it so that it is SEO-based. Let Rankerz SEO help. It’s not about the fancy fonts and fun scripts. It’s about analyzing the competition, communicating through words and graphics, creating excellent content, and converting people.

That’s why you need a web designing company that has done it before. We know what works because we’ve tested our theories plenty of times in the past. Don’t risk doing it wrong and not getting sales because of it. Our team can walk you through the entire journey and do it right.

Web development is the heart of your website. It includes all the coding and everything else that runs in the background. Most companies only focus on the design, but we offer both to ensure that your site is always on and always working for you.

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Optimization Services

Search Engine Optimization

The one thing that business owners know for sure is that a website is important, and it needs SEO. However, most people don’t know much about search engine optimization. Instead of trying to take on another job on top of the one you’ve got, let us help.

It’s quite easy to become lazy with your SEO strategy. These are often called black-hat tactics and can get you in a lot of trouble with search engines. In the past, search engines were slow, and there were ways to ‘trick’ them. Now, however, they use complicated algorithms to decide which websites are best and how to rank them.

Though these tactics are still in play, we don’t use them. It’s not fair of us to add white text with your keywords all over the place because the search engine is going to find it and flag your site. That means you aren’t happy with the results. We pride ourselves on doing everything right so that you’re satisfied, and we can hopefully get a good review from you.

SEO is an acronym that has come to mean many things. It’s not just about adding keywords to content and websites. That’s part of it, but it can also go deeper. You need a digital marketing team on your side because they offer a full content strategy that focuses on the user’s experience and interface design, as well as many others. We are going to talk about them below:

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On-page/Content Optimization

On-page optimization means making each individual web page better so that it ranks higher on Google and other engines. It refers to the content you create and have on the page, but it also focuses on HTML source codes. This differs from off-page optimization, which we are going to discuss next.

If you don’t know much about on-page SEO, there isn’t anything to fear. We can help you with your needs and identify the right ranking factors to shoot for and provide. Of course, as with all aspects of SEO, on-page optimization has also changed many times throughout the years.

The most significant factors to get better rankings include page content, URLs, title tags, and following the best practices for SEO. We can offer all of this and much more.

The page content is what the user comes to see, so you have to make it good. To do that, it needs to supply a demand and be linkable. Information has to be accurate and worthwhile to the user. Also, people have to be able to link to it to help generate traffic to the site. Have you ever clicked to go to a website and were told you had to log in to see the information? This is aggravating, and you shouldn’t do it to your visitors. Let your readers decide for themselves if they want to subscribe.

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Link Building/Off-page Optimization

Now, we get into the nitty-gritty of optimization. Off-page SEO uses a variety of techniques to help improve your website’s position in the SERPs. Most people focus only on link-building, which is one aspect.

Actually, off-page SEO focuses on promotion methods to get the site to rank higher. These go beyond traditional web design. In a sense, you can do these activities from outside your website. They include brand mentions, link building, and social media marketing.

We know how important off-page SEO is because it gives the search engines an indication of how everyone perceives your site. It’s useful and high-quality because it has backlinks (references) from other websites. If you have more mentions on social media platforms, things are shared a lot, and this brings more recognition.

Of course, link building is the most effective technique here. You build links to your site, which is like gathering a lot of ‘votes’ from other websites. That way, you rank higher within your niche and beat the competition.

There are multiple ways to increase your link counts. These include article and blog directories, comment links, and forum signatures. The trick is to be careful because too many links (especially from poor sources) can hurt your rankings. Luckily, our team knows how to do this well.

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Blog Optimization

Blogs can be considered the lifeblood of any company. Of course, you have professional bloggers who use their skills to shape and mold others. However, you can also use your website to provide information to people.

The goal is to stay on topic and within the industry while not selling. Of course, you can use backlinks and other ways to get the information out there, but your goal is to provide value to the reader.

That way, they want to visit your site because you have engaging, well-written content that speaks to them. Do you know how to write? You’re an entrepreneur, so you’ve probably had to write business plans and other things. However, a blog isn’t the same. You need someone with the skill of words and making them flow. We have this ability and can use it to benefit your company and goals.

Of course, keywords come into play, and we can help you research the right keywords to use. Still, that’s not all to consider. The number of times the words are inserted, where they are located, and how they relate to the rest of the content matters.

If you’ve already got some blogs out on the internet, we can reign them in and ensure that they are SEO-based, too. Then, we can create new content to generate more leads and conversions.

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Local SEO

The latest buzzword for businesses is local SEO. What does it mean? How does it work? While you may not need to know a lot about it because we are going to handle all that for you, it’s good to have an idea of what it is and why you need it.

Local SEO is a marketing tactic and is highly effective at marketing your business in your area. Almost half of all searches on Google have local intent. This means that someone is interested in products or services to buy and utilize.

The rest of them are informational searches. For example, if you ask Google how to fix something, you’re going to get a lot of DIY hits. This is normal and what many people desire. However, if you ask Google for a plumber, you’re likely to get hits for local plumbers. The latter is called local SEO because you are searching for something with a purchase intent.

When that happens, the results look different. The first three options are local companies, called a local pack or a three-pack. These are business listings appearing under the map in your SERPs. To get noticed, you need to be one of those three. To do that, you need to have a Google My Business profile, often called a GMB. We can help you create that, as well as write it and publish it.

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E-commerce SEO

While link building is essential, and we talked about that earlier, it takes more than that for the best optimization. If you’ve got an e-commerce website, you need to ensure that each product page (and the list of products) is optimized. This isn’t easy to do, as many companies have hundreds of pages with items for sale.

We understand that this is critical to your business, and we know what to do. Through our development and technical work, we are going to make your site a powerhouse. This is going to lead to more growth for the store. It’s tied into other aspects of SEO, such as optimized content, marketing tactics, and so much more.

When you focus on SEO for all aspects of your website, you are sure to see increased visibility. This means more brand awareness and exposure. As people become familiar with you and your products, they are going to visit the site to find out about your company. With all that extra traffic coming to your website, there are sure to be more conversions. People are going to buy, and you’re going to see an increase in revenue.

Of course, this doesn’t happen overnight and takes a lot of skill. This is why you need our help, as we can handle your SEO needs, regardless of the type of website you have.

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Reputation Management Services

Do you know how the customers talk about your business? In most cases, the answer is no, and that can hurt your success. We offer reputation management services. To do that, we scour the internet and review websites to find out what people are saying about your company. Plus, we can check social media accounts, as well.

Then, if there are negative issues that could impact your business, we focus on ways to fix the problem. Someone may have had a bad experience. On your behalf, we can offer them a discount or something else to curb their anger and retract those negative remarks.

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Press Release Submission

Are you writing press releases and distributing them online? If not, you are missing great opportunities to reach out and tell people what new things you’re doing or planning.

The first question we ask is whether or not you’ve ever written a press release. Generally, the answer we get is no. People aren’t sure what they are, when they’re used, and what to do with them once they’re written. This is where we shine.

We’ve got content writers who know how to format a press release. Often, they are used to promote a new product or service. You can also use them to talk about new additions to the team, updates to the premises, and anything else. If it relates to changes to your business, it can be put in a press release.

Still, there are nuances and specific techniques involved in writing them. You have to ensure that you’re doing it right.

Once it’s written and proofread, it’s time to send it off to the publisher. Most people just aren’t sure what to do now. We’ve got an array of partners that are willing to put your press release on their websites. That way, your company gets more exposure. You can also choose to have a section of your site devoted to your press releases. That way, you can link back to them. See, SEO services become intertwined so that you get everything you need!

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Digital Services

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is how we help you sell and promote your service or product. We use a variety of online marketing techniques. These can include email, social media, and search marketing. In a sense, it’s marketing that reaches everywhere and anywhere.

This is so very important to your company, but it isn’t easy. You need the expertise and skill of people who are qualified to do it. Our team can help you choose the right strategy and implement it, as well.

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Social Media Optimization/Marketing

Social media is one of the best and easiest ways to engage with your potential customers and loyal fans. However, you may not know how to write such short content or be able to check your pages often. This can drastically hurt your business, but we are here to help. We’ve got the tools and resources to ensure that your social media platforms are maintained and updated periodically throughout the day.

Regardless of your needs, we are here to help. You’ve learned what we can do; now, let us prove to you our skills. Contact us to begin your journey into SEO.

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